"American Crocodiles: Observations at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station and On the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica"

This program discusses observations made during two visits to the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station cooling canals in South Florida; Crocodile Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Key Largo, Florida and observations of hatchling and adult crocs found on several occasions in Costa Rica.

Donations from this program assist funding of Project C.R.O.C.S.

(Costa Rica Osa Peninsula Crocodylus acutus Survey).

UPDATE: Read about the results our PRELIMINARY SURVEY done in September 2004.

UPDATE: Photos from the Rio Sierpe Survey completed in December 2006.

Turkey Point Nuclear Station Cooling Canals.

New Lebanon Jr./Sr. High School 2004 Science Symposium.

Please Note: Moneys donated for the program go to assist funding for the OSA B.I.O. Database program and Project C.R.O.C.S.



American Crocodiles
(Turkey Point and Cost Rica)

Herptofauna of the Osa Peninsula (Costa Rica)

Captive Husbandry of Neotropical Pit-vipers 


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