Rio Sierpe Crocodile Census

December 2006

Joe and Raynor Galooting

Joe Wasilewski preparing a catch pole

Joe and Mike Boston prepping the catch pole

Joe and Rayner checking out the first acutus of the night

Joe checking out the 'young-of-the-year' acutus

"Here's looking at you kid"

Joe explaining what measurements we'll be taking

Position the croc to determine the sex

Spreading the cloaca to evert the sex organ

Everting the musk glands

"It's a girl!"

Measuring snout-to-vent (SVL) length

Measuring total length

Measuring Total Head Length

Don Tuttle admiring his first crocodile

Getting ready to release back into the Rio Sierpe

Spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodylus) under mud bank

A closer pic

Measuring Total Length on a juvenile

Don ready to release the juvie

Rayner admiring a juvenile

Joe explaining the caudal scale clipping method

" 9 double right" is Rio Sierpe

Joe and Mike smile for a quick shot

The galootery has begun!

More Galootery!

Our Capitan, Jorge, ready to release a juvenile

Joe with a caiman after it's jaws were dislodged from Rayner's hand

Caiman's always smile!

Typical 'Eyeshine' indicating a crocodilian along the bank

The croc (caiman) isn't apparent until you get closer

A building in Sierpe overtaken by Stangler Figs (Ficus).

A dog with puppies lived inside the building


Clam shells dumped on the marina ramp for traction.

Don and Jorge bringing the boat around to fix the hydraulic trim

Getting the boat up on a trailer

The truck was too small, so we hoisted the boat up by hand

Upper Rio Sierpe above Mapache Lodge

The banks of the upper Rio Sierpe

A juvenile croc in the upper Rio Sierpe

Another shot

.....and another

...and another

....and another ( you can never have too many croc pics!)

Palms along the bank of the Rio Ollas

Full moon

Perfect night for a boat ride!

Scales clipped for #14

Another view

9 Double Right, 1 Double left, 4 single.

Don Jorge, our Sierpe amigo!

Joe and Rayner

Large 2.5m croc along the lower Sierpe

Another shot

A closer look before it slid into the river

A nice place for a lodge

Isla Violina

Waterfall along the coastline of Corcovado between San Pedrillo and Rio Llorona

Corocovado National Park

Downtown Puerto Jimenez

The other end of the street

Rio Sierpe and Sierpe Village from the air.

Talamanca Mountains