Lancehead Pit-vipers


Costa Rica

Photos taken 4/26-27/03. 2m Terciopelo captured under Sirena Biological Station, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica and released 1m North beyond the Rio Sirena. (For Trip Report and picture Credits, click HERE). Spotted by C. Chapman.

Terciopelo Release

Juvenile Terciopelo found in midst of Army Ant (Echiton burchelli) swarm. 4/28/03. Found by M. Harris

Pretty juvenile male Terciopelo found near Sirena Biological Station. 4/16/04. Found by K. Edwards.

1.5m female B. asper found coiled in a streambed, near Matapalo, Osa Peninsula. 4/19/04. Spotted by "Jason" Layman.

1.5m female B. asper found coiled in a streambed, along Rio Nuevo, Osa Peninsula. 4/21/04.

A young female Terciopelo along stream at El Remanso Rainforest Lodge 12/05. Snake had just eaten a meal and was resting on the stream bank. Spotted by Bryant Abbuhl.

A young Terciopelo found at the Osa Biodiversity Center 8/11/09


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