Lancehead Pit-vipers



Central American lancehead (Bothrops asper)

All of our Terciopelos are from Costa Rica. We have 3 different localities:

1) Manzanillo, Limon Province: Our female is over 7' in length, and (pictured below) weighs 4.7kg (10 1/4 lbs). This snake was produced by Dean Ripa.

2) Siquirres, Limon Province: Our adult breeding male is 1.3m in length and was imported as a 2 year old in 2002. He and the mellower smaller female produced a litter of 42 babies in 2003. They bred on 1/26/03 and the female produced the litter on 8/26/03.

3) Siquirres, Limon Province. Captive born female bred in 2004 in Costa Rica.

4) Pacific Coast (Locale unknown), Costa Rica. We received a large female from Costa Rica in February 2006. She maintains a much lighter background color with a block pattern in contrast to the darker, regular butterfly pattern of the Carribean animals.

This female gave birth to 18 live babies, and 6 dead(though they may have been born alive) on May 30, 2006 while I was away in Costa Rica.


Venezuelan lancehead (Bothrops venezuelensis)

Our 1.2 venezuelensis are from parents collected near Henri Pittier National Park and Mt. Avila,Venezuela. The females are shown below.

"Matto Grosso" lancehead (Bothrops mattogrossoensis)

Pampas lancehead (Bothrops pubescens)

Mapanare lancehead (Bothrops colombiensis)

Normal Phase

Yellow Phase

Urutu (Bothrops alternatus)



White-Tailed Lancehead (Bothrops leucurus)


Captive born female, 2004 from Institute Butantan lineage.

Brazilian Lancehead (Bothrops moojeni)

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