Timber Rattlesnakes

(Crotalus horridus)

The Timber rattlesnake is native through out the Eastern half of the United States. It is designated as a Threatened Species in New York State and is protected by Environmental Conservation Law (ECL).

Our animals are captive born from adults originating from Bradford Co., Pennsylvania. The largest male is ~10 years old and over 4’ in length. While most wild C. horridus are calm in the wild, the animals in our collection are overly “bold” in captivity and show little fear of humans often lunging out of the cage in anticipation of food items.

Snakes from our Collection:

Click Here to read a feature article in the Poughkeepsie Journal, featuring one of our adult timber rattlesnakes.

Male, 48" Timber Rattlesnake. Parents from Bradford Co., PA. Tubed for Venom Extraction. Vid-Caps by Ken. Barnett.

U.H.A. Open House at Beaver Lake Nature Center; Baldwinsville, NY, 10/2006. Photos by Diana Sliertin


Captive Born Female, Born here on Labor Day weekend, 2001. Mother was a captive born PA locale black phase.

Another Female, Captive born. PA locale. A sibling to the male in the tube above.


*NOTE: Vid-caps were taken with a Canon ZR-60 Mini-DV camcorder.


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