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Welcome to Matabuey.com! This site is dedicated to the conservation of neo-tropical pit-vipers and tropical fauna in general. It is intended for anyone with an interest in either. The site domain is a Tico name for the bushmaster - the snake that has fascinated me since I was a child. It literally means “Ox-killer”!

Secondary to the conservation efforts of matabuey.com, this site is dedicated to the responsible captive husbandry of herpetofuana, both venomous and non-venomous by qualified, responsible individuals. Insight into the captive husbandry and first breeding of several hard-to-maintain species, including the bushmasters, was made possible by dedicated efforts of private individuals.

There are few snakes that embody the mystique and wildness of tropical forests than the bushmaster. The snake itself, is an indicator species of undisturbed rainforest, and is only rarely encountered. To observe a wild bushmaster is a herpetologist's dream!

While I do occasionally breed select species of tropical pit-viper, that is not my primary focus. In herpetoculture today, too much emphasis is placed on the monetary value of mutant color morphs and not enough on their ecologic value. I am not a professional herpetologist, but merely an extremely enthusiastic naturalist with extensive experience in the husbandry of the species in the collection.

As with any venomous species, they are not to be kept by novices, nor should they be carelessly handled. They are capable of serious injury (sometimes resulting in fatal injury) and must be given the utmost respect. The animals in the collection are available for behavioral observation and exhibitions, which affords others the opportunity of safely observing these creatures up-close to develop an appreciation for the niche they fill. (For more information, check out the programs page.)

Ultimately, our goal is, through stewardship, to help to preserve the neo-tropical rainforests that are the home to these creatures and preserve what is the natural heritage, not only of the native peoples, but of all humanity, for generations to come. We are currently working on several projects to further the conservation of tropical rainforests in Costa Rica. (For more Info, check out the B.I.O. information page).

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