Collection and Breeding

Our Collection is comprised of various species of pit-vipers, both neo-tropical and neartic, as well as native non-venomous snakes, turtles and a crocodile.  While the neo-tropical species form the majority of our breeding programs, the native species are maintained for various programs and lectures to further promote conservation of the native herptofauna of New York State. All animals in the collection were obtained from CAPTIVE BORN, LEGAL (and REPUTABLE) sources with proper paperwork. 

All protected species in the collection are maintained under New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Endangered Species Permit (ESP05-0026); Non-native venomous species are maintained under  NYSDEC Venomous Reptile Interim License(VRI04-024). These licenses are currently being revised pending new regulations.   For information regarding New York wildlife laws, go to

Please do NOT contact us for native locality information. 

Anti-venom (Costa Rican Anti-Bothropico-Laquetico-Crotalico) is maintained in case of accidental bite from Neo-tropical species.

* Occasionally offspring may become available for sale to qualified individuals.  All permits must be provided, prior to shipment.  We possess USFW Import/Export permit. Please inquire via email about availability. 


Some of the Zoos/Nature Centers we have provided animals to include:




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